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Wisessence™ Palo Santo aroma Diffuser

Wisessence™ Palo Santo aroma Diffuser

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Palo Santo aroma Diffuser

Relax and uplift your senses with Wisessence™ Palo Santo aroma Diffuser. Infuse your home with a soothing Palo Santo aroma, creating a calming environment to help bring peace and relaxation into your life. Experience the natural, cleansing energy it provides!

This project is a natural wooden incense stick. Natural and calm aroma helps you get rid of negative emotions and bad emotions, and brings positive energy to you and your health. Made of natural wood materials, environmental protection and durability, its fragrance is very effective in soothing the soul and purifying the air. It can be ground or made into wood chips for a more complete combustion experience and it is also applicable to living room, office, meditation room, yoga studio, ceremony, special occasion, etc. It can be a beautiful gifts for friends and family, they will like it.

Color: as shown 
Material: wood
Size: about 10cm long
Package: 1/2/3/4/5 X Natural Incense Stick
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