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Wisessence™ Home Aroma Diffuser

Wisessence™ Home Aroma Diffuser

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Home Aroma Diffuser


Discover a world of natural scents with Wisessence's™ Home Aroma Diffuser! Our diffusers use essential oils to fill your home with luxurious, sensory-rich scents. Make your home an oasis of relaxation with Wisessence™!

Voltage: 5V

Capacity: 300 ml

Wisessence™ Home Aroma Diffuser is a powerful diffuser that releases essential oils and other fragrances quickly to provide instant home aromatherapy. Its advanced technology and adjustable speed settings disperse scent particles quickly and effectively, ensuring your home is left smelling wonderful.

How to use:

1.Open the top cover;

2.Take out swabs;

3.Soak the swab for 1-2 minutes;

4.Install the swab;

5.Add a generous amount of water,up to 300ml;

6.Turn on the power and turn on the humidifier.

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