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Wisessence™ Flame Aroma diffuser

Wisessence™ Flame Aroma diffuser

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Realistic Flame Lamp Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Elevate the ambience of any room with the Wisessence™ Flame Aroma diffuser! This unique device creates a calming atmosphere with its realistic flicker and pleasant aroma. Relax and enjoy the comfort of the Flame Aroma diffuser!

Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier: Water molecules are decomposed into 0.1-5 micron diameter nanoscale cold fog, By high-frequency electronic oscillation generated by ultrasonic vibration equipment allowing the aroma to float in the air, Producing a lot of active oxygen anion.

Flame Night LightsPowerful LED lights glow at the bottom of the fog, creating a realistic flame effect. You can have it automatically change the color of the flame or set any flame color.

Waterless Auto-Off Function: Electric aromatherapy diffusers can last for 6-9 hours. Designed with a waterless auto-off function, This essential oil diffuser will turn off automatically.

Silent Operation: Quiet operation, Soothing your mood, Relieving stress, and Promote Sleep, The essential oil diffuser operates extremely quietly.

7 Colors Can Be AdjustedCreate a relaxing, warm, loving, fragrance environment.

Creates a healthy environment: Diffusing the right oils can create an antimicrobial and antibacterial environment that eradicates airborne bacteria in your home. Some diffusers also double as humidifiers, keeping your airways moist and healthy, making you less susceptible to microbes. 


Benefits of Aroma diffuser:

  • Providing calmness.
  • Clearing sinuses.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Setting a tone of a room (think: relaxing or energetic)
  • Scent diffusion alternative to candle-burning.


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