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Wisessence™ Beard Hair Care Essential oil

Wisessence™ Beard Hair Care Essential oil

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Beard Hair care Essential oil


People usually lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. This is usually not obvious because new hair is growing at the same time. Hair loss occurs when new hair cannot replace fallen hair, so it is important to keep the scalp healthy for hair growth.
Our hair regeneration essence intensive spray helps to repair scalp and hair follicles. It can not only prevent hair loss and hair thinning, but also regenerate hair. Dense spray contains hair regeneration essence, so that the show will return to silk like luster.
Concentrated hair spray contains various herbal extracts, which help prevent hair loss and promote regeneration. It provides additional nutrition and oxygen for hair follicles.
  • Ingredient: Ginger
  • Model: Hair Growth Essence Spray
  • Product effect: anti hair loss, controls hair fall 
  • Shelf life: three years
  • Net content: 5ML, 15ML, 30ML, 50ML
  • Hair Type: All hair types
  • Package includes: 1 bottle
Treat your beard to the luxurious nourishment of Wisessence™ Beard Hair Care Essential oil! Our all-natural oil is rich in natural ingredients to soften, add shine, and promote healthy growth. Instantly replenish moisture and enjoy a softer, healthier looking beard. Experience the luxurious pampering of Wisessence™ today!

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